27. Jun 2023

The IFF OBA team, in cooperation with the representative from the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP), carried out a project verification visit to the Tanga UWASA on 21.06.2023-22.06.2023


The visit aimed at the verification of output targets, which include (i) Construction of at least 12 km transmission line and 1,000 m3 clear water reservoir; (ii) Rehabilitation of existing MOWE WTP, in-cluding replacement of lamella plates, perforated pipes and WTP extension works covering the in-stallation of 2 Nr of sandfilters, 1 Nr pulsator clarifier; (iii) Treatment capacity is increased by at least 3,000 m3/d to a total average production of 32,850 m3/d after completion of rehabilitation and exten-sion works within  18 months after signing of the grant agreement; (iv) Maintain an overall collection efficiency, excluding arrears, of not less than 90% within the entire service area of Tanga UWASA and all the output targets were achieved.
The objective of this project is to increase the water production to provide 24/7 water supply to the currently connected customers and to connect in the future unserved customers ( outside of the project scope).