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Scope of the Programme

During the contract period (April 2016 - September 2019) the IFF - OBA project team shall assist in the implementation of approximately 35 WSSAs infrastructure investment projects of around EUR 20 million, requiring approximately EUR 10 million of OBA grant funds.

The IFF will therefore help to:

  • Mobilise additional financial resources for the water supply and sanitation sector in Tanzania;

  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of limited available financial resources;

  • Enhance good water sector governance by increasing financial discipline, efficiency, accountability, ownership and responsibility of WSSAs;

  • Improve the performance of the WSSAs;

  • Increase water supply to residents thus contribute to the country’s economic development;

  • Strengthen know‐how, awareness, and establish relevant procedures and guidelines within MoW, EWURA, WSSAs and Banks concerning requirements for commercial lending.