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Only water utilities located in Tanzania are eligible to submit applications under this IFF - OBA. The Utilities are responsible for all project proposal applications including those made on behalf of subsidiary operators in their respective jurisdiction.
It must be noted that the facility is not a grant scheme but is based on the concept of Output Based Approach and the basic requirements are as follows:

  • Proposed project increases revenues or reduces operating costs

  • Project is technically feasible ;

  • Project is bankable, which means that the revenue generated by the project is able to service the loan during the entire period of the loan agreement (i.e. the revenue must cover current interest and principal payments);

  • Revenues of the utility cover the operating costs;

  • WSSA has the permission from the MoWI to obtain commercial loans ;

  • WSSA has audited financial statements for the last three years;

  • WSSA has a business plan approved by EWURA and the project is part of this business plan;

  • Exclusivity of project financing must be guaranteed to ensure that the project is not double financed.