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25. Sep 2018

The IFF-OBA team carried out a project proposal field assessment from 17th to 18th September 2018. The team visited the proposed project areas in Machinjioni, Bugashani, Nshambya, Kahororo, Kyebitembe and Buhembe, as well as the existing Bunena intake and water treatment plant, existing FFU tank, Kashura tank and Machinjioni tank. The ongoing project for the construction of a new storage tank, distribution network, Machinjioni pump house and sump which have been financed by the Government of Tanzania were also seen.
The team held a meeting with Village Government leaders of Kahororo, Nshambya and Buhembe areas to assess the resident’s willingness to pay for the proposed project services. The proposed project intends to extend the distribution network to uncovered service areas of Bukoba UWASA.
Way forward: The utility was advised to revise their proposal, particularly with regard to the option of including or removing the booster station at Nshambya. Further, the working schedule should include the anticipated number of customer connections so as to assess the increase in revenue collection in different years.