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09. Oct 2016

The IFF-OBA team carried out a project proposal field assessment in Songea from 26/09/2017 to 28/09/2017. The assessment included visits to the existing water supply infrastructures, specifically water intake structure at Ruvuma river, section of gravity main, Matogoro water treatment plant, Luhira Impounding weir & booster pump station, Chandamali 1 & 2 water storage tanks.

The team also visited the project area and held meetings with “Mtaa Leaders” from Mshangano and Msamala Wards. The main reason for the meeting was to discuss the water supply problems and ascertain from the local representatives the current sources of water and the future customers’ willingness and ability to pay once the project is implemented.

Proposed Output Targets (to be achieved after 12 months):
•    At least 30 km of distribution network is constructed in 3 wards,
•    At least 450 customers connected within project implementation period,
•    Revenue collection in the entire service area increased to 85%.