Project assessment visit to Dodoma- UWASA (DUWASA)

03. Jul 2017

The IFF-OBA team carried out a project proposal field assessment in Dodoma from 04/04/2017 to 05/04/2017. The assessment included visits to the existing water supply infrastructures, specifically the Imagi water storage tank (7000m3) and Kilimani No.3 water storage tank (36,000m3). The team also visited the proposed project areas in Chidachi, Ndachi and Mlimwa C.

A meeting at DUWASA conference hall was held with Village Government leaders of Itega, Makulu, Mkalamo, Msangalale, Chidachi, Mwiganga,Kinyambwa, areas to assess the resident’s willingness to pay for services to be provided in the context of the proposed project. The meeting also discussed their current water sources and related problems which shall be resolved by the new project.
Way forward: The utility was advised to finalise their proposal according to the Consultant comments and submit to IFF-OBA Office.