The Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) implemented the Emergency Water Supply Works in Hilly Areas of Mwanza Project that aims at improving water supply Services to the highly elevated areas of the city.

The project activities involved:

•    Installation of 8 surface pump sets.
•    Excavation and laying of 8 km of raising mains.
•    Construction of 6 sump wells and anchor blocks.
•    Installation of 6 storage reservoirs.
•    Construction of 6 domestic Water Kiosks to serve the low income groups in the area.
•    Excavation and laying of 24 km of distribution lines ranging from DN “2” to “4”.
•    Improving the intermittent water supply services of existing customers.
•    Connection of 3,530 new customers.

Project Data Sheet: