The project has been implemented in villages of Mhungula and part of Mtakuja which are located in the Ward of Mhungula in Kahama urban. The water derives from the Kahama-Shinyanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (KASHAWASA), whereby KUWASA purchases bulk water produced from Lake Victoria and transmitted to Kahama town at a distance of 117Km. It is stored in a large reserve tank located at Shunu with a capacity of 18,000 m3.
The project has increase the number of customers from 10,646 to 11,206 which resulted in an increased coverage of 5.3%. The project implementation covered three phases:

Phase 1: Survey of the pipeline route (6 km), map production and pressure measurement at the take off point.
Phase 2: Trench excavation, pipe-laying and back-filling.
Phase 3: Pressure test and anchor block construction. During implementation the utility planned to connect 560 new customers.
The output targets of the Mhungula water supply project were verified in April 2017 and all three components were finalised that is incremental quantity of water produced, extension of distribution network and new customer connections.

Table 1: Data Sheet of the Kitwiru Water Supply Improvement Project