18. Nov 2022

The IFF OBA team, in cooperation with the representatives from Ministry of Water (MoW) and the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP), carried out a project verification visit to the Moshi WSSA from 14.11.2022 to 17.11.2022.


The visit aimed at the verification of output targets, which include (i) Connection of at least 50% of 2,900 Nr metered customers in the targeted project extension areas; (ii) Rehabilitation of (5) storage tanks and replacement of 1.5 km transmission main; (iii) At least 3 Nr water kiosks will be constructed in the project area and are operational; (iv) Maintain an overall collection efficiency of not less than 90% with-in the entire service area of MUWSA.

The objective of this project is indeed to provide sustainable access to water to households in Marangu, Mamba, Mwika Wards and in Old Moshi Mashariki, Kimochi wards.