26. May 2021

The IFF-OBA team carried out a project field assessment from 24th to 25th May 2021. The team visited the Lilambo intake, Lilambo storage tank (150m3), Ruhuwiko storage tank (135m3), 2 No. boreholes with pump houses. The tapping points for the connection of the new distribution pipes at Mkuzo, Ruhuwiko, Namanditi, Luwawasi and Ruvuma were also seen.


Songea WSSA intends to extent their services to new customers in Ruhuwiko, Namanditi, Mkuzo, Luwawasi and Ruvuma areas where 56 km of distribution pipelines will be laid. 550 customers will benefit from the project and 500 faulty water meters shall be replaced to reduce NRW. The team also held meetings with Government leaders of Ruhuwiko, Namanditi, Luwawasi, Mkuzo and Ruvuma areas to assess the prevailing situation and resident’s willingness to pay for the proposed water services.