Workshop in Dodoma – Documentation of Financial Expenditure and progress reporting for IFF Projects

01. Apr 2019

On 27.03.2019, the IFF-OBA Team organised a Workshop about the documentation of financial expenditure and progress reporting for IFF Projects. The workshop was conducted at Veta Hotel in Dodoma and a total of 29 participants from five different UWASAs and representatives from the Treasury Registrar and the Ministry of Water were amongst the audience. The main objective of the workshop was to brief those utilities, that will soon start with the implementation of their IFF projects, on the correct documentation of their financial expenditure and application of developed templates for progress reporting. The workshop contained a total of seven different sessions, including a group work regarding the review and presentation of the respective project BOQs.

The workshop evaluation asserted that 92 % of participants considered the content very relevant / relevant to their work.

95% of participants confirmed that they are very able / able to apply the acquired knowledge in future. See some pictures of the workshop below