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Project assessment visit to Tabora- UWASA (TUWASA)

01. Jul 2017

The IFF-OBA team carried out project proposal field assessment in Tabora from 31/03/2017 to 01/04/2017. The assessment included visits to the existing water supply infrastructures specifically Igombe dam, water intake structure, treatment plant, clear water tanks and booster pump station. Also the team visited proposed project areas in Kidatu and Usule bock “C” where the project construction works have started.

The team visited the proposed project area for distribution network extensions for Usule“C” (project construction works already started) and Kidatu A whereby they held a meeting with the “Mtaa Government”. The main reason for the meeting was to discuss the water supply problems and ascertain from the local representatives the extent of affected people, their current sources of water and if they would support (politically / socially) the potential customers in the targeted areas to connect to the new network once it was implemented.
Project Scope
Total Project costs TSH. 986 million
Financing Mix Loan: TSH 500 million (51%
Equity: TSH 486 million (49%)
Proposed Output Targets (to be achieved after 15 months) Additional billing of not less than 900 new consumers in the proposed new supply areas, Laying of at least 18 km of new distribution pipelines ranging between DN 150 – 40 mm in the proposed new supply areas, Collection efficiency of not less than 90% within the entire service area of TUWASA

No. of beneficiaries About 20,000 people in the project area which comprise Kidatu A & B, Mtendeni, Usule Block “C” and Mwinyi.