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Singida Water Supply Improvement Works

The Singida Water Supply and sanitation Authority is implementing IFF-OBA project Extension of Distribution Network and Water Supply Improvement Works in Singida Town. The project involves the following activities:
•    Water network extension to the un-served areas in both, Karakana Upper and Lower areas within Singida Municipality
•    Equipping the existing drilled / tested/ Namfua borehole (potential yield of 31.8 m3/hr) to boost supply to the proposed Karakana- Lower Zone areas
•    Provision for complete replacement of the surface pump set / controls at the Kititimo booster pump house and construction of a new storage tank of 200 m3 to serve the poten-tial customers in Karakana- Upper zone areas
•    Procurement and installation of 500 Nr. water meters for 500 new domestic consumers.
•    Connection of new customers 

The Main figures of the project are summarised in the below data sheet.