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Assessment visit to Kahama Water Supply and Sanitation Authority

18. Dec 2018

From 6th to 7th of December 2018, the IFF-OBA team carried out a project proposal field assessment at the Kahama Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (KUWASA). The utility submitted a project proposal to the IFF Secretariat that included the procurement of two cesspit exhauster trucks. The IFF team visited the existing sludge disposal station, the ongoing construction of Busoka waste water stabilization ponds, different septic tanks and soak away pits for domestic and institutional customers. In addition, interviews with three private operators for sludge emptying services were held.
The team also held a meeting with Village Government leaders of Busoka, Nyamhanga, Mhungwa, Nyihongo, Majengo, Mhongolo, Kahama mjini and Nyasubi areas to assess the prevailing situation and the resident’s willingness to pay for the proposed services.