The Tanga Water Supply Improvement Project aims at increasing the quantity of water supplied to the existing network and to a newly served area. Basically the whole project comprises three main components.
1.    Drilling of two new boreholes, construction of the pump house and raising main (DN 150 PVC pipe) from Mwakileo Borehole site to Nguvu mali tanks about 2.5 Km
2.    Construction of gravity main (DN 200, PVC pipe) from MOWE to Mbogo (cross  -Z) Area about 7.11 Km from water treatment plant.
3.    Extension of Water supply network to uncovered areas of the city by 9.1KM.


The project has been implemented in villages of Mhungula and part of Mtakuja which are located in the Ward of Mhungula in Kahama urban. The water derives from the Kahama-Shinyanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (KASHAWASA), whereby KUWASA purchases bulk water produced from Lake Victoria and transmitted to Kahama town at a distance of 117Km. It is stored in a large reserve tank located at Shunu with a capacity of 18,000 m3.
The project has increase the number of customers from 10,646 to 11,206 which resulted in an increased coverage of 5.3%. The project implementation covered three phases:


The project was designed and planned focusing on increased water production and extension of Kitwira water supply infrastructure. The objective was to cover un-served areas of Kitwiru Ward that has a population of 11,461 (2012 census) with clean and safe water.