Moshi Urban Water and Sanitation Authority-Assessment Visit

on 27 February 2020

The IFF-OBA team carried out a project field assessment in Moshi from 17th to 18th February 2020. The MUWSA service area has been extended and 13 Wards from Moshi District Council have been included. The previous service provider did not install water meters and monthly customer charges were based on flat rates. MUWSA wants to revise this situation and gradually install water meters to all flat rate customers. The IFF proposal therefore includes the installation of 2,900 water meters to customers within their newly extended service area.

The IFF team also visited three intakes in Kyaronga, Kisumbe and Nicodemus, existing water storage tanks and some of metered and unmetered customers. The team also held meetings with village Government leaders of Mamba South, Mwika North, Mwika South and Old Moshi areas to assess the prevailing situation and resident’s willingness to pay for the proposed water supply services.