Project assessment visit to Singida- UWASA (SUWASA)

02. Jul 2017

The IFF-OBA team carried out project proposal field assessment in Singida from 01/04/2017 to 03/04/2017. The assessment included visits to the existing water supply infrastructures that shall be rehabilitated, specifically the borehole, pump house and storage tank (100 m3) at Kititimo area. Also two boreholes at Kisaki Irao area which will be equipped with new pumps were seen. Those boreholes have a production capacity of 105m3/hr.

The team visited the proposed project area for the distribution network extensions for Lower Karakana area in Minga Ward whereby they held a meeting with the “Mtaa Government”. The main reason for the meeting was to discuss the water supply problems and ascertain from the local representatives the extent of affected people, their current sources of water and their willingness to pay for regulated water supply services
Way forward: The utility was advised to revise the data in their proposal, especially their customer data base shows inconsistencies that distort their expected revenue. Singida UWASA will contact IFF – OBA once they have finalised this task